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Our Services

Finishing Services


We offer various types of die-cutting shapes and sizes, ranging from square, round, rectangle, rounded edge, special shapes or cuts, and so on. We die-cut our labels to meet your requirements or needs.

Hot Stamping (Gold/Silver)


Hot stamping can be done on both paper and film materials with hot stamping foil (gold/silver). It gives an extra effect of classic, exquisite and premium look of a product due to its shiny appearance.

Lamination (Gloss / Matt)


This finishing gives the label another layer of film where it can come in gloss or matt surface.  This creates a visual of gloss or matt effect and helps protect the label. The lamination film enables the label’s surface to be water proof and anti-tear. Above all, it creates an aesthetic appearance for the product labeled.

UV Varnish


The Ultra Violet (UV) Varnishing is a process where another clear ink layer of UV coating is applied onto the label. This gives the label a more attractive and shining appearance


This process is where we create a tear-able portion on the label. Even though creating that tear-able cut, the label can remain attached. Small cuts will be made to create the tear-able area allowing user/consumer for a neat tear off when necessary.



The embossing effect creates a 3D like appearance on the label’s surface where the image of the label is embossed out creating a visual and hand touch feeling. It gives the feeling of the label printed has been lift up and became thicker.

Sheet / Roll Form Labels


Sheet form labels are considered the most general and economical alternative, especially when there are several designs. We also provide labels in roll form where it is mostly for industrial pressure sensitive labeling machine.

Labels and Stickers Design

We include the designing of your labels as well. As we have our own in-house specialist designer that will assist you if you have not already have your own label design. We will also need to make readjustment in case of any changes in the label design, description, color and so on.

Delivery / Despatch

We also include the delivery of our products to your doorstep. As per our slogan, “We Deliver What We Promise, Always!” Not only in terms of timely delivery, but also quality. We will try our best to match your required date and deliver it upfront to your doorstep. As label suppliers, we believe that timeliness and your branding is our responsibility.

Consultation / Follow-up Services

We work to cater to your needs and help you to save costs while suggesting you the best of our products to suit your needs. We aid you from the design, to material suggesting, to the best cost-efficient quantity, to scheduling delivery date upon requested arrival.

Silkscreen Printing

We also provide silkscreen printing services. This printing process uses a stencil to apply ink onto another material. Ink is forced/coated into the mesh openings by the fill blade onto the printing surface. Printing material such as tarpaulin, fabric textile and so on are used as material bases for silkscreen printing process. For instance, banners, backdrops, certain product labels, decals, signs, displays and so on. Some materials are more suited to be printed using silkscreen printing process. It depends what it is used for.

Off-set Printing

We offer offset printing services as well. This printing process is very similar to our intermittent rotary letterpress printing process. This process involves ink transfer from plate to rubber blanket then onto printing surface based on the repulsion of oil and water. Offset printing is widely used for many printing materials and uses today. For instance, PVC material, polyester material, paper material and so on. It can be used to print backdrops, floor stickers, wall stickers, posters, brochures and many others. The advantage is its wider size of paper feed which can print a much wider size compared to label printers.

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